Mission: To empower you to serve your small business clients better, through a vibrant community and a collaborative accounting experience.

What Set It Apart (Why Partner with Us?)

Not all accounting partner programs are created equal. Our program is designed for accountants and bookkeepers who are seeking deeper connections with their clients and working with them as trusted advisors. We make this happen through what we call collaborative accounting.


In a collaborative accounting model, your business-owner clients manage some or all of their day-to-day operations, like invoicing, expenses, and payments. This frees up your time to provide high-value services, including strategy, analysis, and coaching.

You and your clients work together in the software, each handling part of the workflow. That way, you both have visibility into the business and a deeper understanding of it. The goal is a seamless experience where the accounting professional becomes a true partner in their client’s business.


FastBooks was built for small business owners. Again and again, our customers tell us how easy it is to use FastBooks compared with other accounting software. They tell us how they’re no longer intimidated by their bookkeeping. And that their accountants are relieved to no longer wade through piles of receipts at tax time.

That creates a ripple effect that makes the collaborative accounting approach possible.

“When business owners have access to the technology they’re comfortable with, accounting professionals get timely data that enables them to provide so much more than bookkeeping or compliance support,” said Twyla Verhelst, CPA and Director of the FastBooks Accounting Partner Program.

“Businesses benefit immensely when their accountant or bookkeeper offers forward-looking analysis and advice. It sets the stage for success.”

What Is the FastBooks Accounting Partner Program?

The mission of the Accounting Partner Program is twofold:

  • To promote collaborative accounting between accounting partners and their clients
  • To empower accounting partners—through knowledge, community, and support—to provide more advisory services to clients (which, in turn, empowers clients)

Our mission centers around the FastBooks’ 4E philosophy: “Execute extraordinary experiences every day.”


Just looking for the master list of partner program benefits? Okay, you’ve got it!

Comprehensive certification and ongoing education. Starting with our comprehensive FastBooks accounting professional certification and training, you’ll have many opportunities for learning and development.

Dynamic online community. Enjoy unique challenges, earn rewards, and connect with fellow accounting partners and industry peers.

Human-centric account management. Work with a Partner Consultant who will help you reach your goals as a FastBooks Accounting Partner.

Dedicated support. Get help when you need it from Accounting Specialists on our industry-defining support team. These FastBooks experts understand the needs of accountants and bookkeepers.

Client discounts. Offer your clients access to FastBooks at no cost for the first 3 months.

Free data conversion. We’ll help you migrate client data from another accounting platform to ensure a smooth transition to FastBooks.

Referral bonuses. Earn up to $200 per new paid subscription through our
referral program.

Free FastBooks Account. Receive a personal subscription to use for your own books
or as a demo environment.

Client referrals. ​​Want more clients? Through our FastBooks-Certified Accounting Partner Directory, you can get connected with our small businesses seeking your services.

In addition to these program benefits, as an accounting partner, you also have opportunities to provide product feedback and contribute to the FastBooks feature roadmap.

Who Is the Program For?

The Accounting Partner Program is best suited to modern accountants and progressive bookkeepers who are interested in the collaborative accounting model and are actively building a cloud-based practice.

The collaborative accounting model makes it that much easier to plan proactively. So, the program is also for accounting professionals who are investing in working with scaling businesses and want to grow alongside them.

How Do I Become a FastBooks Accounting Partner?

Curious to learn more and connect with the program? We can’t wait to hear from you.

  • Complete your FastBooks certification
  • Access all your benefits, including your discounts and referral bonuses
  • Share your goals for the program
  • Connect with your dedicated Partner Consultant
  • Join the FastBooks Accounting Partner Community

Ready to begin your journey? Let’s get started!